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You have the idea: we have the tools and the know-how.
Together, we will discover the right path for your health innovation to achieve the greatest impact. 
What we do
The health ecosystem is complex: adopting a new technology requires a 360 view of all the players and all the answers are not found in a market study. We want good ideas to reach the people that they are meant to help. At Venture On, we know what questions to ask and how to get to the why and how behind innovation.

We focus our experience on diagnostics and medical device innovation that has a proven proof of concept and needs help with customer discovery to understand where the bigger impact is.

We know the different scenarios and risks. With creativity and focus, we put tools at your disposal to validate the true value proposition of your idea in the most efficient and fastest way.
We focus our experience on diagnostics and medical device innovation...
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Our strenghts
We specialize in finding the space where health innovations can thrive. We facilitate knowledge sharing and help you validate your assumptions with a network of specialists in the medical ecosystem to make the best decisions moving forward.
We will help you discover unexplored options and the best opportunities to create value. We do this by exposing the blind spots that exist in every research project and new venture creation and can potentially derail the entire effort. We promise to be transparent in exposing the blind spots and identifying possible risk mitigation solutions to protect the value of your investment.
Good ideas need a compass. Innovation involves focusing, rethinking and redirecting. We become an extension of your team. We will discover together the most effective ways to improve your idea and get it in the right hands.
An innovation is useful when it becomes relevant. We are passionate about solving challenges, we are analytical, adaptable and transparent. We quantify the impact and collaborate in each development phase to achieve your goals in an ethical, specialized, and efficient way.

We integrally evaluate the risks and impacts of your technology.

How we succeed
We want to know what you know and solve what you don’t. We evaluate the dimensions of your technology in order to detect areas of opportunity.
We draw the path that we will journey together. We work closely with your team and align our strengths to yours to define the strategy and the next steps to reach your goals.
We have more than 15 years of experience in the technology innovation industry and health solutions. We have worked in numerous projects in the United States and Mexico. We combine our technical knowledge, experiences, analytical tools and expert networks to accomplish your mission.
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